Autumn fashion season is in full swing. But we offer you a review of 11 new fashion styles of autumn-winter 2006/2007 that have shocked the world.

1. More and more

Who told that less meant better? This season designers let us wear waistcoats, scarves, several tops at the same time. And it is possible to wear literally everything with leggings and mini-shorts. It has turned out that the easiest way to refresh attire is to add several more layers to it. But you have to be careful. Abuse of such a “multilayerness” can make your style spoiled and turn you from a fashion trend setter to a sloven.

Marc Jacobs has hit the mark – dresses are worn over blouses, jackets over dresses, and this beauty is crowned with a belt fastened over a jacket. During Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Jean Paul Gaultier used multilayered corsets to unite long trenches with mini-shorts. This tendency is loved by grunge fans and people who appreciate risk and diversity.

2. Add volume

Boldness and voluminosity is in fashion these autumn – winter 2006-2007. During Richard Chai collection presentation models paraded in voluminous sweaters and coats with huge collars. Cynthia Rowley has experimented with dresses – “mushrooms” and there are a lot of voluminous skirts of different length in DKNY, Chloe, Missoni and Vivienne Westwood collections.

3. Tumbled and fascinating

Tumbled or loosely fasten hair on a back of the head is the height of fashion. Especially popular is flowing disarranged hair – it proves that a hair style has never been so sexy before.

4. A boy-girl

Gender accents displacement has got its continuation in autumn – winter 2006/2007 collections where it has turned into one of the most paradoxical tendencies of the season. Male accessories were noticed in women’s collections and even the most ultra-feminine clothing designers deviated from the subject and created pants suits with the elements of male clothing.
5. Glam – rock

Bright accessories and high-flown bright subject collections – as Jeremy Scott cooking show – made a revolution on a catwalk and excited a great number of people. A revolt chic reigns in Burberry Prorsum collections (black close-fitting clothing) but Gucci has come back to 70-es and displayed white bath suits that remind David Bowie old sex shows.

6. Leggings

Of course leggings are a success of the season. But be careful when you create an ensemble – there is a whole science how to make it.

Leggings with a skirt, big baggy sweater or leggings put in bottines – we have an opportunity to appreciate their multifunctionality. Moreover you feel warm.

Monochromatic leggings or leggings with prints are the height of fashion this autumn.

7. A waist

This season a waist dictates terms and attracts everybody’s attention. Many designers used it as a main accent of this season’s silhouette.

8. Fantasy: invasion is unavoidable

This fashion autumn 2006 we will find ourselves in future. ThreeAsFour has greatly managed to reflect fantasy in fashion with the help of huge sleeves that usually are in super-heroes costumes, futuristic prints and dresses with pelerines of bright steel colorings. Bright neon prints made by the old fantasy books illustrations on the Matrix-style capes attracted everybody’s attention in the

Basso и Brooke collection.

9. Excuse me, what is on your head?

This season everybody is obsessed by face and head decoration with the various objects beginning from hats for riding and till half-masks. A kind of boom was a hat from Alexander McQueen in form of a bird nest full of eggs and a face hidden gauze band.

10. Long live the fleet!

Sea subject in autumn-winter 2006/2007 turns into such an indispensable attribute as black color and its variations. Donatella Versace experiments with navy subject over the whole collection: double-breasted dresses – coats the color of which is in harmony with the color of a model’s eyes.

In Alberta Ferretti collection an accent is put into the fleet subject. There are a lot of dark and rich colors in autumn’s palette.

Chado Ralph Rucci devoted several of his models to the navy – feminine pants suits of this style are embellished with leather insertions dyed in the same tone.

11. Replica watches

Replica watches are still in fashion this season. You see how wide variety of clothing styles is.

So you must have a watch to match all the clothes you have in your wardrobe. But it is not so easy to buy original brand watches because their price is enormously high. The great way out of it can be high quality replica watches. They are great imitations of original watches but their price is moderate.